A series of fortunate events is the result of a new workflow. Everything is performed and recorded live in the studio, which gives the music a certain organic flow.

"Tight spaces" is a cheerful tune in 6/8 featuring an embellished and improvised theme.

"I still love you "is dark ambient track with slightly glitchy drums.

"7 steps to eleven" started out as with the A-part in 7/4. Then I wanted do a B-part in another time signature, and what more obvious than 11?

"Just don't do!" it is a melancholic track in half-time with a slow theme that turns into a melodic improvisation at the end.

"Steps, baby" is an explotation of 5/8 which has a groove of it's own. The solo is four-over-five.

"Once upon a time" has only one part looping with a single crescendo.

"Younger" is an energetic track in 15/8 with a blurred out theme as B-part.

"Bubbles" features upwards spiralling chords and a understated melody in a symetric form.

"Sheeps" a generative piece with burst of random in a relatively consonant setting.